Walton Co. (created 1824 from Escambia Co.) Maps

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(Note: 1832 Map showing Boggy Bayou area more in Escambia Co. than in Walton Co.)

1832 Waton Co. Map

(Note: 1834 Map showing Boggy Creek as south border for Walton Co. and Escambia Co.)

Walton Co. Map 1834

Walton County, 1834 Henry Schenck Tanner, North America XIV, Florida (London, : Baldwin & Cradock, 1834) Downloaded from Maps ETC, on the web at http://etc.usf.edu/maps [map #f3674]

(Note: 1842 Map with Boggy area in Walton Co. when Santa Rosa Co. was created in 1842 from Escambia Co.)

1842 Map showing Santa Rosa Co. and Walton Co. border

Description: This detail of a 1842 map of Florida shows roads, railroads, counties, forts, naval depots and other military installations, major towns, rivers, and lakes for Walton County. The Chocktawhatchee River runs through the middle of Walton County. Other waterways include Boggy Creeks and Red Bay River.
Place Names: Walton, Alaqua Creek, Boggy, Holmes Valley, Red Bay, Choctawhatcheee River.

(Note: 1882 Railroad line map north of Boggy)

Map 1882 Walton Co.

Map 1895 Florida showing Boggy

(Note: 1899 Map of Walton Co. showing Boggy)

Map 1899 Walton Co.

(Note: 1908 Farm Map of Walton Co., showing Boggy area homesteads)

Map 1908 Walton Co.

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(Note: 1908 Farm Map of Walton Co., enlarged showing Boggy P.O., gristmill and school)

Map 1908 Boggy

(Note: 1910 Walton Co. map in the year Boggy name changed to Niceville)

Map 1910 Boggy

Map 1910 Florida showing Boggy