Walton Co. Maps

(A section of the NICEVILLE, FLORIDA - Online History Center)

(Note: 1882 Railroad line map north of Boggy)

Map 1882 Walton Co.

Map 1895 Florida showing Boggy

(Note: 1899 map of Walton Co. showing Boggy)

Map 1899 Walton Co.

(Note: 1908 Farm Map of Walton Co., showing Boggy area homesteads)

Map 1908 Walton Co.

- Copied FL Archives

(Note: 1908 Farm Map of Walton Co., enlarged showing Boggy P.O., gristmill and school)

Map 1908 Boggy

(Note: 1910 Walton Co. map in the year Boggy name changed to Niceville)

Map 1910 Boggy

Map 1910 Florida showing Boggy