Okaloosa Co. Maps

(A section of the NICEVILLE, FLORIDA - Onlne History Center)

(Note: 1917 Railroad line map north of Niceville)

1917 Map Niceville

(Note: 1920 Railroad Administration map showing Niceville)

1920 Map Niceville

(Note: 1921 Okaloosa map showing Niceville)

1921 Map Nicville

(Note: 1921 Okaloosa Co., map showing VP and not Niceville)

1921 Map Valpariso

(Note: 1930 Okaloosa Co. map showing road to Niceville)

Okaloosa County Map showing Niceville and not VP

Appearing in the January 1930 issue of the National Geographic Magazine, this Florida map has been reproduced from its original cartography in order to bring to life a beautiful poster previously only seen in National Geographic Magazine. This reproduction holds true to the high standards that National Geographic Maps are known for.

(Note: 1932 Okaloosa Co. map showing VP and not Niceville)

1921 Map Valpariso

(Note: 1936 map showing metes and bounds of Niceville as incorporated in 1938)

1936 Map showning Niveville boundaries